Embedded articles

The embedded articles are metalware made from different grades of steel, which are welded to vessels, instruments, pipelines and engineering equipment for oil refining, petrochemical, oil, gas and other industries and are intended for installation of temperature sensors, pressure gauges, level gauges and other metering equipment, stop valves on them and for connection of the pulsed pipelines in the technological process automated systems.
Our company manufacturers the following embedded articles according to the specifications TU U 26.5-33203410-001:2015 developed by us, and by the customer’s drawings.
Working environment parameters, application conditions and purpose define the type of an embedded article and the material from which it shall be made.
You may use the table below to choose the embedded articles depending on the environment nominal pressure Рn, and type of the welded joint of the embedded article with the pipeline or other equipment. The embedded article material is chosen depending on the material of pipeline or equipment, to which it will be welded.
Design and type of the plug is chosen depending on the type of technological holes and the type of embedded articles, for which it is intended.

Table of choosing the sockolet type depending on pressure and welded joint type
Table of choosing the nipple type depending on pressure and welded joint type

Table of allowable working pressure of the embedded article environment Рw, MPa, depending on the steel grade and the environment temperature

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