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WIKA Model 54 Bimetal thermometer

Model 54 Bimetal thermometer

The model 54 bimetal thermometer has been developed and is manufactured in accordance with the EN 13190 standard. The thermometer meets the high requirements of the process industries.   Especially in the chemical and petrochemical, oil and ga...

WIKA Model TW50 Screw-in thermowell (solid-machined)

Model TW50 Screw-in thermowell (solid-machined)

Each thermowell is an important component of any temperature measurement point. It is used to separate the process from the surrounding area, thus protecting the environment and operating personnel and keeps aggressive media, high pressures and flow rates from...

WIKA Model TR10-L Resistance thermometer

Model TR10-L Resistance thermometer

For additional thermowell, flameproof enclosure (Ex d).   Resistance thermometers in this series can be combined with a large number of thermowell designs. Use without a thermowell is not permitted.   A wide variety of possible c...